Staffing Glossary

Definitions and meanings of all the terms commonly used in the staffing and consulting industry.

Active Candidate

Any individual that is actively looking for a job change is known as an Active Candidate. They are the ones most active on social media and job portals with updated CVs. They are more likely to positively respond to recruiters and appear for interviews.


The term analytics broadly covers the act of compiling and decoding reports to understand recruitment metrics and trends. This helps recruiters decode data and make a decision regarding the improvisation of the recruitment process.

Application Program Interface

API or Application Program Interface allows the Oorwin software to interact with third-party apps and platforms seamlessly. This helps us provide a better user experience.

ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

Applicant Tracking System or ATS are modern-day software, based on Software as a Service or SaaS model, that help organizations hire the best candidates. ATS can store and track candidate information from job portals, help recruiters write and distribute job postings, pre-screen candidates based on their experience and skills, and generate useful recruitment metrics and reports.

Oorwin offers an Artificial Intelligence-powered ATS that can help recruiters source candidates, schedule interviews, and select the best applicant through its smart mechanism.

Candidate Engagement
Candidate Management System

Applicant Tracking System is also known as the Candidate Management System (CMS). CMS offers an easier way for recruiters to track, store, and manage candidate information in a helpful way.

Career Portal

A career portal allows visitors to navigate from the official corporate website to a page where one can find information about job opportunities, company & employment-related information. Oorwin makes it easier for companies to engage with their target candidates. It also allows recruiters and hiring managers to post new jobs, receive applications, screen applicants, and interact with them.

Compliance Report

All recruiting and employment-related documents that need to be submitted to the government agencies on a timely basis for statutory purposes are known as compliance reports. These reports contain general information about the candidates along with other sensitive information about their pay, insurance, social security, and so on,

Electronic Forms

E-forms are a paperless way to find out useful information about candidates. E-forms save resources as they can be filled online, are accessible through mobile, and are verifiable through e-signatures. Oorwin provides e-forms for recruiters to collect important candidate information, release offer letters, and submit other vital documents necessary for a successful hire.

Employee Engagement

These are the steps taken by an employer to improve the work-life of an employee by keeping them engaged in the workplace and motivating them to achieve their personal and professional growth. Engaged employees are productive, stay associated with the company for long, and help boost a positive work culture.

Employee Referral Program

The process of current employees refereeing quality candidates from their personal and professional network is known as an employee referral. Generally, the current employees are awarded some monetary benefits, if the person they referred for the job vacancy is selected and completes the probation period at the organization. The Oorwin ATS helps streamline this referral process by allowing employees to share the job posts and enables recruiters access to this data through the ATS.

HR Metrics

These are the data points that allow you to understand the effectiveness of your HR and recruiting process. Cost per hire, time to hire, turnover rate, acceptance rate are some of the metrics used to measure the success of the recruiting process. Similarly, performance rating, employee lifecycle are some of the metrics measured to find out the success of HR policies.

HR Software

HR or Human Resource software allows human resource personnel to automate repetitive tasks by allowing the department to be paperless and conduct tasks such as onboarding, attendance, & leave management online. HR software can keep track of each process and can also send reminders whenever required. The Oorwin Human Resource Management Software allows the HR department to put itself on auto-pilot.

Job Board

Job boards are websites on the world wide web that are used by companies to share their job vacancies. They are also the place where candidates go to search for jobs and apply for them. Job boards can be industry-specific or generic. ATS integrates with job boards to allow recruiters easy access to them. Currently, the Oorwin platform can integrate more than 20 job boards into the dashboard.

Job Board Integration

ATS can be integrated with job boards to allow recruiters easy access to various job portals directly from the ATS dashboard. This job board integration allows recruiters to search candidates, post jobs, and schedule interviews with the prospective candidate directly from the ATS dashboard without logging into the job portal in a separate browser. Currently, Oorwin offers job board integration with more than 20 industry leaders.


Onboarding encompasses all the activities associated with including a newly hired candidate into the workforce. These include handling all the paperwork, getting the new hire acquainted with the important company rules and policies, and undergo the training required to be productive on the new role. Onboarding is an important process as it sets the motion for the new employee to stay involved and form long term association with the company. Oorwin helps recruiters automate the paperwork associated with the onboarding through its digital onboarding process.

Passive Candidate

Any candidate who is not actively looking for a job change is called a passive candidate. These individuals are generally not active on job boards and social media regarding their job change. However, for recruiters, passive candidates are important as they may switch their jobs if presented with a better opportunity that guarantees their career advancement.


Also known as “talent pipeline” or “recruiting pipeline”, this refers to a list of interested and active candidates to be considered for filling a job role. Recruiters must have a quality line of candidates on their pipeline to be able to fill a vacancy quickly. The pipeline also allows recruiters to see where the candidates stand in the recruiting process.

Recruiting software

ATSs are known as recruiting software as they aid in recruiting. Through recruiting software, recruiters can find, store, and track candidate information to fill vacant job positions.


This is the process of locating the right candidate, screening them for the job role, scheduling the interview, and selecting one of them for the vacant position. ATS is very useful for the whole process of recruitment. The Oorwin platform is equipped with recruiting software that makes the life of recruiters easier by store and managing candidate data.

Resume Parsing

The process of decoding resume data into a more readable format that can be understood by the Applicant Tracking System is known as resume parsing. This reduces the time spent on by recruiters and candidates in filling out relevant information. It also enables recruiters to find out the best candidate who checks all the prerequisites for a certain job posting. The Oorwin resume parser is the best in the industry, scouring various job boards to help recruiters find the perfect candidate.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration can be implemented with the Oorwin tools to search and find candidates by posting job vacancies on social media. It helps recruiters reach a broader audience and gain more applicants.

Social Media Recruiting

Social media recruiting allows recruiters to source applicants by viewing their social media profile. Recruiters can also pre-screen candidates by gathering information from their respective social media profiles. Oorwin’s social media recruiting feature allows recruiters to post job vacancies across various social media channels, find candidates, track employee referrals, and pre-screen candidates.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a way for technology-based companies to provide their product/services to the consumer on a subscription basis. The Oorwin platform functions on the SaaS model where customers are billed monthly or yearly depending upon their preference to use the smart AI-enabled Sales, Recruitment, and Human Resource management platform.


This refers to all the activities associated with finding qualified candidates who can be considered for a particular job role. This includes scouring for profiles on social media, job boards, internal referrals, and other sources. Sourcing is one of the hardest tasks of the recruiting process. However, with the Oorwin AI-enabled recruiting software, it becomes easy as most of the task becomes automated.

Talent Acquisition

The entire process of finding, sorting many candidates to finalize one candidate to fill up a job vacancy is known as talent acquisition. The team associated with searching for candidates is known as the talent acquisition team.

Talent Pool

When applying to jobs, candidates input their information by creating a profile manually or an ATS creates a profile for them through resume parsing. These profiles can be tagged under a specific keyword to signify a special skill that enables a recruiter to categorize the profile. Candidates that are assigned the same keyword are stored under the same talent pool. By building a talent pool, recruiters can easily find out the right candidate when a job vacancy needs to be filled. Recruiters can stay engaged with their talent pool resources by sending them periodic emails about new jobs.

Vendor Management System (VMS)

VMS allows staffing companies to get and manage placement requests. VMSs are web-based applications that allow companies to keep track of each placement request, generate an invoice, generate productivity reports, and much more. Oorwin platform can be integrated with more than 30 leading VMS platforms.